Failure to fail

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failedI was watching a reality TV show recently and one of the eager young contestants proudly boasted, “I have never failed at anything I’ve tried to do!”

He smirked for the camera, and I thought, “Loser!”

Why? Because failing to fail is the greatest failure of all.

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Live in Luck

First Blog… Its A Little Intense

First blog in… well EVER.

I wanted to talk about something interesting but I couldn’t decide what in the news I should focus on. I then decided that nothing is morn interesting than my own story so you get an idea of who you’re reading about.
Who am I?
Ijeoma Anabelle Roseline Uzodinma
Born the 24th January at 10:45
Great childhood
The best actually
Whole family.. Full nest
Mum, dad, 1 sister, 1 brother
Youngest of the clan
So when did it all go wrong you ask
Must have been 8 years now
About to start secondary school
Displaced from childhood friends & memories
In search of a “new” me
One that people would like
So I had blue and black braids in my hair to make a statement
“You don’t know me but you will”
It was accomplished
A short-lived accomplishment
Back to the drawing board
They say it’s the route of all evil
But I was so young I don’t understand
Now I do
So one day I went into my mum’s bag
Her change was making sweet music
against the fabric of her bag
Ohhh it was smooth
So I took it
Next day I bought some stuff for school
Sweets chocolates
Even leant “my” money out
That night I saw a CRISP 
I grabbed it
The next day it felt good
to reckless spend money
That wasn’t mine
I became that girl
The “rich” girl
Whose mum gave her £20 a day
That was A LIE
I wasn’t her
I got caught
& I tried to kill myself
Blamed it on the fact I was getting bullied 
Thought I learned my lesson
But I did it again
Stole from my sister this time
Got caught again
and suffered the consequences
I wasn’t WAS a bad person
I was trying to find myself
When I was inside all along
Back to the story
Done well in secondary school
Kept two good friends
lost one “best friend
7 A’s 6 B’s
Went to college
St Francis Xavier
South London
New territory
I can be myself
No one knew me there
Start anew
Made some friends
Some real nice people
Then everything changed
One of my best friends
Became religiously involved
Shit got so real
So fast
Didn’t know what to do
So I did what I usual do
I followed & lied
I told my best friends and others
That I was down with God
But I wasn’t
I couldn’t be honest
So I lied
Why would I care
Just kept losing myself
Women’s meetings
Christian unions
But why
But now
I’m happy
I’m me
I’m at University
& I’m doing me
Sorting the flowers
from the chaff
I have a really good friend at Uni
She’s makes everything..
I’m just getting my shit together
So that’s it
That is my story
None of this is a lie 
This is my life
In the briefest of details

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